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by Benchedagain
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CK Podcast S2E5: (Bonus Podcast that did not make season 2) Myles Garrett VS Mason Rudolph, NJ Nets, Disney +, College Memories


Hello Listeners!

Sorry we've been so inactive. We have been going through some structural changes.

This is a bonus episode that was never aired back in 2019 when Myles Garrett almost killed Mason Rudolph.

We decided to air it as a quarantine special!

We have Frank Toth, a life-long Steelers fan, back on the show to discuss the incident.

We then go off to just talk about a bunch of things so please give a listen and stop listening once it gets boring!

But if you make it until the end, you are a very brave soul. God Bless you.


Episode 5

Season 2

by Benchedagain