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BFE Special - Fantasy Football Draft Night (The Podcasts League)


Are you ready for some (fantasy) football? We've gone from 8 to 12 teams this year and invited them to draft live with us on the air. We've got your BFE favourites - Ian, Liam, Ellie, and Georgia alongside Amanda from "The Sip List", Shawn from "Cheap Seat Reviews" and our defending champion Alex from "Main St. Finance"

It's a peak behind the curtain as you catch the BFE group just kicking it as we pretend we know what we're doing with Fantasy Football. Ethan is also along for the ride as we provide commentary on the picks by the teams drafting over distance - Ed from 'The Film Effect Podcast', 'Dude Loft Mountain', 'The F'n Nerds' and 'Defining Disney' There's pizza, banter, and a behind-the-scenes perspective that might help you know your BFE peeps a little bit better.


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