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Best Film Ever

Episode 86 - Four Weddings and a Funeral (feat. Interview with Simon Callow)


Let us all say in our dotage that we were adored once too. Join your favourite TransAtlantic podcasting crew – Ian, Liam, Ellie, and Georgia for a TransAtlantic Romantic Comedy that is nearly 30 years old but remains timeless. We've got Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and the film's 'Gareth', Simon Callow joining us for 30 minutes at the end of our review and it is a MUST LISTEN. Be prepared to say 'I do' to our 86th episode as we discuss:

  • What was the inspiration for the film itself
  • What mega-franchise film did director Mike Newell direct years after this
  • Which actor did Richard Curtis want in the role of Charles
  • Who was originally cast as Carrie, and who turned the role down after the initial actress had to leave the production
  • Ian shares a story about his own worst wedding attended
  • Simon Callow shares 30 minutes with us and floors us with a thimbleful of stories from his extended career
  • We hotly debate whether some of the characters deserved the ending of the movie they received.
  • There's a pair of stories about awkward funerals
  • We find out who is the Poet Laureate of the BFE
  • Whether or not Four Weddings and a Funeral is the Best Film Ever.

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Also massive thanks to Moonlight Social for our age game theme song. You can catch more from them at https://www.moonlightsocialmusic.com/

Timestamps for this episode:

  • Welcome & Banter - 0:00 Reflections & Corrections - 6:30 Shoutouts & The Fledgling Fandom - 10:25 BFE Poetry Slam - 19:25 Deep Dive - 27:45 Endgame - 2:00:22



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