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Best Film Ever

Episode 87 - Forrest Gump (with Northwood Pie‘s Jay Salahi)


Our name is Best Film Ever. People call us Best Film Ever. Join your favourite TransAtlantic podcasting crew – Ian, Liam, and Georgia as we're joined by Friend of the Podcast and Director of Northwood Pie, Jay Salahi as we review the 1994 classic, Forrest Gump. We're headed to Greenbo, Alabama; Vietnam, New York City, and running long in our 87th episode as we discuss:

  • The financial compensation received by the book's author, Winston Groom
  • Some outstanding alternate castings that we definitely want to see
  • We wax poetic on the beauty of the score
  • Georgia has a confession to speak
  • Jay shares invaluable insight from a director's perspective on editing and cinematography
  • We hotly debate if Jenny is cruel to Forrest by leading him on throughout the film
  • We question whether the film's magic requires contextual knowledge of late 20th century American history and what it means if you don't know these facts
  • We discuss which is the most magical scene in a film full of them
  • We find out what the audience selection for Hot Film Summer will be
  • Whether or not Forrest Gump is the Best Film Ever.

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Massive thanks to Lex Van Den Berghe for the use of 'Mistake' by Luckydog. Catch more from Lex's new band, The Maids of Honor at https://soundcloud.com/themaidsofhonor

Also massive thanks to Moonlight Social for our age game theme song. You can catch more from them at https://www.moonlightsocialmusic.com/

Timestamps for this episode:

  • 0:00 - Opening Banter 10:40 - Shoutouts 18:55 - Deep Dive 2:19:30 - Endgame



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