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See It Or Skip It? - The Suicide Squad


FIRST 24:15 are a spoiler-free review with our See It/Skip It verdict

AFTER 24:15 it's a full spoiler review

Let's be honest, The Suicide Squad is James Gunn's middle finger to the Walt Disney Corporation. Ian and Liam are here to run through their first feelings on the kinda sequel, kinda reboot that is The Suicide Squad. Was Idris Elba better than Will Smith? How good was John Cena? Does James Gunn start to get predictable? If this loses its shirt at the box office, will WB order a 3rd? Is Harley Quinn's characterisation comparable to Birds of Prey? What's the only sequel to this film we'd want to see? We answer all these questions and more in our "See It or Skip It" review of The Suicide Squad and then we tell you whether you should SEE IT or SKIP IT.


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