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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

A Health Update with Ryan Sutter


In the Season One finale, Trista is joined by her most featured guest of the pod…her husband, Ryan Sutter! But first, Trista recaps the season, highlighting each guest and episode, so you’ll want to tune in to that to make sure you didn’t miss a conversation! In this episode, Ryan shares how he’s been feeling, the treatments he’s started, and provides an overall health update. He offers up some insight he’s learned along the way including the benefits of changing up his diet and discusses the challenges that come along with this type of diagnosis. They touch on the difficulties of finding answers and the importance of finding a Lyme-literate doctor, and open up about the reality of the financial burdens that these kinds of battles entail. Trista and Ryan decided to have this conversation today as a way to provide a space where those interested in his progress can listen in, as well as letting anyone out there going through similar situations know that they are not alone and to encourage others to hold on to hope that there are answers out there for them. They emphasize that if you or someone you care for are battling a mystery illness, be sure to advocate fiercely for yourself, be willing to seek out medical professionals that are not in the mainstream, and try new things. Like a famous fish once said, “just keep swimming!” With more conversations like these, Trista, Ryan, and so many others hope to ultimately create change in the system and to inspire others suffering to keep on going. 
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Episode 36

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