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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

Lessons, Laughter, and Life with Trista's Favorite Tween: Blakesley Sutter!


This week Trista is joined by her most special guest yet, her 12-year-old daughter Blakesley! The two answer fun questions from followers and Trista gets the scoop on what Blakesley really thinks of their relationship. We learn all about the first daughter born to Bachelor Nation sweethearts, who her favorite people are within the franchise, whether she’s watched the show, and when she realized that her parents were famous. She even gives recommendations to a follower’s question via her own spinoff segment, Blakes’ Takes and tells us all about her fancy skin care set up, her favorite tv shows, and what she is going to do to be better, tomorrow! Get ready for lots of laughter and more in the adorable interview that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.   
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Episode 23

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