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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

Making Better Decisions with Dr. Timothy Yen


How many decisions do you make in a day? In a week? Probably a whole lot! This week, Trista is joined by clinical psychologist and author of Choose Better: The Optimal Decision-Making Framework, Dr. Timothy Yen, to help us not only make decisions in the first place, but make better decisions all around. Trista and Dr. Yen dive into the 4-step framework he created to help people come up with options to select from in order to make better decisions and Dr. Yen touches on how courage plays into every step of that framework. The two also discuss how mistakes can sometimes be a good thing, why people make poor decisions in the first place, and how his framework can be applied for children and parents, too! As you all know by now, this podcast is all about being better and we could not think of a better-informed guest to help us all move through the day with confidence in our choices – and ultimately, confidence in ourselves.  

You can connect with Tim at www.timyen.com and @choosebetterconsulting on Instagram. 
To check out what your host is up to, you can follow her at @tristasutter or @betteretc on Instagram.    
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Episode 17

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