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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

Medical Mysteries and Finding Answers with Ryan Sutter


In November of 2020, Ryan and Trista publicly shared that he had been battling an unknown illness since the start of the year. After over a year of doctors visits and consultations, bloodwork, diagnostic scans, research, and lots of support from friends, family, and even fans and listeners, they finally found the answers they had been looking for and wanted to share the details of Ryan’s medical journey here. The two discuss each step of the process, the importance of advocating for yourself and your loved ones, and things they learned along the way, including how they want to help create positive change in the medical and insurance worlds. They are hopeful that Ryan is on a path toward healing and can get back to his best self soon…and that’s what they hope for anyone else out there struggling with conditions that continue to go undiagnosed. We hope this episode is the start of a bigger conversation, lets you know that you aren’t alone in your suffering, and encourages you to fight to continuously be your best self, too! 

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Episode 29

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