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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

Taking Your Business (and YOU!) to the Next Level Using Mindset First with Linda Perry


Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling to get to that next level in business? Or, maybe you’re facing personal challenges that are holding you back from being your best self. This week Trista is joined by Linda Perry, “recovering” attorney, mindset master coach, lead business instructor, author, and podcast host dedicated to helping entrepreneurs shift their mindset and grow their business. The two explore how everyone can use the tips and tricks she teaches to be successful, whether or not we are entrepreneurs. These days especially, a lot of us are struggling when it comes to limiting beliefs and imposter complex. Linda discusses and defines lack of motivation, and conversely, what it means to be unstoppable. So, what is holding you back? We hope this episode teaches you to clean out that “head trash” and start living a happier life!
To connect with Linda, you can find her on Instagram @linda.m.perry or head to lindamperry.com/unstoppable for her free book! 
To check out what your host is up to, you can follow her @tristasutter or @betteretc on Instagram. To connect with the Better, etc community, check out our Facebook group. Be sure to rate us 5 stars, subscribe, and share with a friend so that we can all continue to be better, together!   
Linda’s 4 Categories of Entrepreneur (Mirrors Finding Your Zone of Genius from The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks)  

1: Freelancer, take whatever they can get, care most about making money, head down, not aware of some of the things that are blocking them  

2: Emerging business owner, couple of successes, starting to see your struggles, afraid of rejection 

3: Growth stage, overworked, steady stream of business, see that mindset holding back from more money, stalling 

4: Intentional entrepreneur, take clients we love, want to understand our head trash  

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Episode 22

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