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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

The Power of the Enneagram with Ian Morgan Cron


How well do you know yourself? What about your loved ones? It turns out there is quite a lot to learn, and to help scratch the surface, Trista is joined by Enneagram teacher, therapist, author, speaker, corporate consultant, podcast host, songwriter, and Episcopal priest, Ian Morgan Cron! While his expertise could fill a whole year’s worth of Better Etc. episodes, today’s conversation focuses on his wealth of knowledge regarding the Enneagram and helps us begin the process of honoring our stories through self-awareness - thanks to this ancient personality typing system. You will get clues as to what type you are as Ian gives us a high-level view of all nine types. Don’t think that nine types means that this test has to be a sham, though, because within each type are an infinite number of personalities (which makes lots of sense being that there are billions of people on the planet!) And once you complete the test, you can use the incredibly comprehensive results to help handle stressful situations and approach life with an enhanced lens. Ian also discusses the value of mindfulness meditation in order to respond, rather than react to life and even gives everyone a glimpse into Trista and Ryan’s marriage with a little analysis of their types and how they interact - or should!  We hope this episode motivates you to want to dig deeper into this insightful web of personality thereby creating better relationships, developing more compassion for others, discovering your authentic self, and building a better life.  
You can connect with Ian and learn more at ianmorgancron.com and listen to his podcast Typology where ever you listen to podcasts. For 15% off his comprehensive iEQ9 personality test, use code BETTER15 at ianmorgancron.com/assessment
To check out what your host is up to, you can follow her @tristasutter or @betteretc on Instagram. To connect with the Better, etc community, check out our Facebook group. Be sure to rate us 5 stars, subscribe, and share with a friend so that we can all continue to be better together!   
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Episode 20

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