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Getting Real with Bella Carlstrom - candid thoughts on her newfound motherhood and the pros of making and raising a family with two Mumma's


Beyond Play is a podcast brought to you by Fisher Price and hosted by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce of Beyond the Bump Podcast.
We are so excited to be back with Season 2 of Beyond Play where we will be interviewing some amazing mothers and exploring the wonderful world of first time parenting -the good, the bad and the ugly.
In today’s episode we chat to the wonderful Bella Carlstrom, Mumma to her and her partner Moana Hope’s beautiful daughter Svea. Bella opens up about her journey with IUI and IVF and how she is now finding herself in her newfound motherhood. We also chat to Bella about the pressures of ‘bouncing back’ after birth in Bella’s profession of being a model and Moana and Bella’s fabulous arrangement where they both get to be pregnant.
A huge thank you to Fisher Price who are trusting us again with bringing the stories to life of the women we get to interview throughout this series.
With both of us growing up playing with Fisher Price and now of course with our kids doing the same, we’re so honoured to be partnering with them again this year - and absolutely encourage parents and parents-to-be to check out their toys that are designed specifically to help your children meet their social, emotional, cognitive and physical developmental milestones.
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Episode 2

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