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by Monday Blue, Randy Chardonnay, and Dock Sounder
Beyond the Beaded Curtain

2-10 Never Sleep Alone 1984 - Randy solo


It's another solo Randy episode! That's the thing everyone loves, right? Hope so! Randy spends most of this episode talking about anise-flavored booze. And why shouldn't he? It's much more exciting than this movie! Lots of ferns and 80s lingerie, but otherwise, not much to get excited about. Oh well! All of us here at BBC headquarters wish you a safe quarantine and we'd like to remind you that if you want to kill a couple of hours, you can always come on the pod! That's right—certain other programs rely on celebrity guests or experts. Not us! We let literally anyone do it! 

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Episode 9

Season 2

by Monday Blue, Randy Chardonnay, and Dock Sounder