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by Monday Blue, Randy Chardonnay, and Dock Sounder
Beyond the Beaded Curtain

2020-6 Pig Keeper's Daughter (1972)


Look, we're just going to drop this early because it 100% feels like the world is ending and I can't have it end  without you all knowing what I think about The Pig Keeper's Daughter (1972). Could've used more pig. And there you go! That's the end of it! Now you know! Don't even bother listening! JK please bother listening. From IMDB: Moonbeam Swyner, the pig keeper's curvaceous daughter, is still waiting for her Prince Charming. Instead, she will have to make do with a travelling perfume and lingerie salesman. Could he be the One? 

Nope! He's awful. Bad movie, good soundtrack! Edited on the quick so I hope I did ok!

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Episode 6

Season 2

by Monday Blue, Randy Chardonnay, and Dock Sounder