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by Monday Blue, Randy Chardonnay, and Dock Sounder
Beyond the Beaded Curtain

2020-8 Bad Girls (1981)


So I read that nobody's listening to podcasts right now, which I'm guessing is because podcasts are often a form of entertainment we experience while doing other things, like driving to work. And nobody's driving to work. Oh well! I'm going to keep making new episodes and releasing them at no particular time because why not? I can think of no good reason. So here you go: Bad Girls. 

Another great title song! Promising first half after some initial concerns, but then the back half is a bit of a letdown. Still, it's way better than that cartoon we watched last time! But then, almost anything would be better than that cartoon. 

Cast and crew:


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Episode 8

Season 2

by Monday Blue, Randy Chardonnay, and Dock Sounder