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by Fenton Lutunatabua
Beyond the Narrative

Episode 10: Believe in Your Potential with Ra'eed Ali


Our latest Beyond the Narrative episode features a young Fijian activist Ra'eed Ali, who is a remarkable example of the potential young people have to create change. He talks us through his story of how him and a group of friends started the social enterprise of Precious Plastic Fiji, which is doing fascinating work to upcycle plastic and create new systems of sustainability. One of my favorite stories in this episode is when Ali tells us a pivotal moment as a child - when his mother clearly explained to him that “if you don’t respect the land, the land will never respect you.” This episode is great to listen to if you’re looking for a little inspiration to get going on your own social change project. 


Episode 10

Season 3

by Fenton Lutunatabua