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by David V. Kimball
Beyond Tweeting

Ep. 019 - What Does Being a "Geek" Mean?


Good friend and fellow geek Niko Johnson joins me as we discuss geek culture, and a plethora of other things. (Check out his videos: http://youtube.com/LifeOfNiko ) Today's Topic: What is "geekiness?" What is a geek? How are they different than dorks or nerds? Kinds of geeks: comics, Star Wars, video games, theater, improv, sports Is there a limit?? #AskDavidV: What era of music is your favorite? Social network of the day: Cosplay Amino Available platforms: Web: http://aminoapps.com/popular/cosplay/ [pseudo] iOS: http://dvdv.kim/1j1fIJ8 Android: http://dvdv.kim/1YswFfZ Windows: N/A App Graveyard: hi5 Immature Impersonations: Solid Snake, Sean Connery, Bane (Batman), Nic Cage "guest appearances"



by David V. Kimball