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Episode 009: The Astrology of September 2019 - Nice Moons and Nice Pens


Episode Nine of Bird's Eye Astrology Podcast, with your hosts Arthur Lipp-Bonewits and Margaret Koeppel! In this episode we talk about the astrological goings-on of September 2019, including Saturn going direct, Virgo Season, and the nicest full moon in months!

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Arthur Lipp-Bonewits can be found on Twitter @lipandbone, Instagram @readingsbyarthur, or at arthurlippbonewits.com/readings

Margaret Koeppel can be found on Facebook, Twitter @madmarg_, Instagram @madmarg_ @skyrootsastrology, or her website www.margemadness.net

Our audio engineer is Catherine Grubb and you can find them at @occultproblems on Twitter.

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Episode 9

by Bird's Eye Astrology Podcast