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by Black Friends Dinner
Black Friends Dinner

Episode 001: Blackademia


Guests: Hari Ziyad (https://twitter.com/hariziyad) is an artist, the author of Black Boy Out of Time (Little A, 2020) and the Editor-in-Chief of the digital publication, RaceBaitr (https://racebaitr.com/) . They received their BFA from New York University, where they concentrated in Film and Television and Psychology. Hari is also a script consultant on the drama series David Makes Man (OWN, 2019), the Managing Editor for Black Youth Project and an Assistant Editor for Vinyl Poetry & Prose. Ahmad Greene-Hayes (https://twitter.com/_brothag) is pursuing a Ph.D. in Religion and African American Studies from Princeton University, where he is also a fellow at the Center for the Study of Religion. He studies 19th-20th century African American and Africana religious histories and gender, sexuality and religion. He is also the founder of Children of Combahee (http://childrenofcombahee.org/) , an organization committed to ending


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by Black Friends Dinner