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by Black Friends Dinner
Black Friends Dinner

Episode 004: Black Boi Flyyy


AFRONAUTIC aka Liselle (Lee-sell) (https://www.instagram.com/afronautic/) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. A self taught photographer and content creator, she travels, blogs and creates content for small brands centered around QPOC.
Jeaux “Jeaux is the name, Black Boi Excellence is the game! I am a Masc-Identified, Non-Binary Boi that is passionate about Creativity, Food and Bringing my Queer Bros together, throughout the Diaspora! Jeaux is a DJ,  an amazing cook, loves to dance and makes music in order to free themselves. In the midst of navigating this planet they’ve created a Virtual Safe Space called BlackBoiComplex (https://www.blackboicomplex.com/) . This is a platform honoring, highlighting and empowering BlackQTLGBAI+  Masculine Identified People
Through Black Boi Complex, Jeaux helps connect people across the world, providing clarity, unity and strength to those who need it most. Fun Fact about Jeaux, “I can freestyle a song pretty damn well!"


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