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by Black Friends Dinner
Black Friends Dinner

Episode006: Black Bawdy


From appearance and insecurities to agency over our own bodies in the world we live in. What does it mean to walk around in a Black body? Is there an acceptable way to be  Black?? It’s lusted after and its feared and sometimes it feels like there’s nowhere to just be who we are. From the need to code switch to dealing with the police under ANY circumstances to catcalling. We ain’t even safe minding our business. After a short rib stew dinner we came back to the table to really dig in.
Tandeka Fable  is an Interior Designer,  Enthusiast, Innovator and Self Motivator.
Dani Moore is a 28 year old lifelong NYer who works in the service industry and doesn’t like people.


Episode 6

by Black Friends Dinner