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Black Genius

Lanre Aina: Digital Storytelling for Global Brands


Lanre Aina is Co-founder of Content Garage, a Lagos-based video production company that has developed digital commercials for Samsung, MTN, Google, Facebook, Nestle, Wikipedia, Access Bank and Diageo - helping these businesses actualize new ways of engaging with their customers through compelling digital storytelling. Before Content Garage, Lanre led Brand Activations at Google, supporting large brands in Nigerian and Kenyan markets to develop integrated experiential marketing. In his earlier days at Google, he launched and grew YouTube’s content partnerships in Nigeria, supporting the online publisher community. Today, he is focusing his attention on sports-media, using his experience at Google and Content Garage to build an African-focused sports entertainment venture, ATHLST.

Lanre is also passionate about social enterprise. He served as a founding member of Harambeans - an African entrepreneur alliance founded by Okendo Lewis-Gayle. In his spare time, he volunteers his skills supporting peer mentorship and youth-focused career advisory programs in Lagos.

He is a graduate of Computer Engineering, with an advanced degree in Telecoms Systems Management from Northeastern University, Boston. Lanre is happily married to his best friend, Tele, and they live in Lagos with their two sons, Akinolu and Tamilore.

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Episode 11

Season 1

by noirpress