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Black Genius

Tiffany Norwood: Human Science of Success


This week’s Black Genius has done something that no other entrepreneur has done since–she raised over $670 million dollars to fund a start-up: WorldSpace. That money was used to build the first-ever global digital radio platform; launch three satellites into space, including XM Radio; support the development of MP3/MP4 technologies; and, invest in a new generation of digital radio receivers. 

Tiffany Norwood is the Founder and CEO of Tribetan, where she teaches the human science of success, how to turn imagination into reality through entrepreneurial literacy. 

She led some of the first-ever digital content licensing deals, including Bloomberg News and CNN International, and was an early collaborator with the Fraunhofer Institute on their MPEG technologies.

Tiffany has an MBA from Harvard and a Bachelor’s in Economics with a concentration in statistics and electrical engineering from Cornell University. Her dream is that the science of turning imagination into reality becomes as commonplace as reading, writing, and math. And then with these skills, we reimagine everything.

Black Genius is hosted by Lolade Siyonbola, Founder of NOIR Labs, noirpress and NOIR FEST. Lolade is a Gates Scholar and Harambean pursuing a PhD in Sociology at Cambridge University


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