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by noirpress
Black Genius

Uzomaka Obiocha: Spiritual Technology in Enterprise


This week on Black Genius, Lolade is in conversation with NOIR Labs Co-Founder, Uzomaka Obiocha. They discussed Spiritual Technology in Enterprise, growing up Nigerian, Kanye West, and all the radical things that go through their heads.  

Described as a “human catalyst to everything she touches,” Uzomaka Obiocha recently joined NOIR Labs as Co-Founder and Acting COO, where she is living out her passion: creating a beautiful world through business, design and fashion. Prior to NOIR Labs, Uzo spent nearly a decade as Co-Founder of Koncept Consulting Group and Non-Profit, MD as a Brand, Business, and Financial Strategist. As a Strategic Alchemist, she has supported entrepreneurs, creatives, and humanitarians in developing and growing their enterprises in ways that resonate with their spirit, harmonize with their beliefs, and fulfill their mission, vision, and purpose. Uzomaka has supported brands in entertainment, design, food, health care, fashion and non-profits, including Timothy Oulton, Girls Inc., Homestories, and PUKU Children’s Literature Foundation. She holds a BA in Finance from Georgia State University.

Black Genius is hosted by Lolade Siyonbola, Founder of NOIR Labs, noirpress and NOIR FEST. Lolade is a Gates Scholar and Harambean pursuing a PhD in Sociology at Cambridge University.


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Episode 9

Season 1

by noirpress