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by Impact Studios at UTS
Black Stories Matter

1. Does the Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations?


A white lens has distorted Black stories ever since Captain James Cook took possession of the continent now known as Australia and since that time the interests of settlers have dominated media reporting on Aboriginal people.
This matters because reporting shapes the way Aboriginal political worlds are understood and talked about and the storyteller is often the most powerful person in the room.
In the first of five landmark conversations we ask ‘Does the Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations?’
This discussion is chaired by Professor Devleena Ghosh from the University of Technology, Sydney and features Professor Stan Grant Jnr, Wiradjuri man, Vice Chancellor's Chair of Australian-Indigenous Belonging at Charles Sturt University and former ABC Global Affairs and Indigenous Affairs Analyst, along with Professor Heidi Norman from the Indigenous Land & Justice Research Hub at UTS and host of Black Stories Matter.
This podcast is inspired by the book 'Does the Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations: 45 years of news media reporting of key political moments’ by Amy Thomas, Heidi Norman and Andrew Jakubowicz from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS.
The Black Stories Matter podcast was made with the support of Aboriginal Affairs New South Wales as part of a strategy to improve the dynamics between Aboriginal people and governments.


Episode 1

Season 1

by Impact Studios at UTS