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by Blazing Defender Report
Blazing Defender Report

The Blazing Defender Report, #101


Travis takes us through the latest Star Wars trailer, shot by shot.   A tale of Endgame Tickets.  Comic News to go with Comic Reviews. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not your typical comic book show. Travis will cuss, and say things that the weak at heart might be offended by ( Sorry, but it's mainly to make you laugh.  Don't take it too seriously. ).  He's also not paid by or working in the comic book world ( He's a Firefighter ) so he will always give you his HONEST opinion with no fear of repercussion.  Bottom line -Travis Jones LOVES COMICS and wants you to love them as well.  So he tries to review comics with that in mind ( But, no doubt he will call a turd a turd! lol ).

So kick back and enjoy a Big Ass Nerd talking COMICS!  Thanks for listening!

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by Blazing Defender Report