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by Bec Miller (BScNutr.)
Body Bites With Bec

5 things I wish I knew when I started my dieting journey


Oh there is so much that I just WISH I knew when I was starting out on my dieting journey.

Things that would have saved me from the constant hunger, prevented the weekend binges and actually kept me sane and on track for more than 4-5 days at a time.

After 9 + years of research, constant trial and error, making my own mistakes and working with thousands of women, here are the 5 top things that I wish I knew in my early 20s!

5 things that are essential ingredients for everyone to know when they’re attempting to lose weight and desire both short and long term success…

In this episode I discuss:

  • Why we shouldn't fear the macronutrient with the highest amount of calories
  • Why it's certainly not just about calories in / calories out
  • Why fibre is such an important part of the equation
  • How stress and over-exercising might be detrimental to your results

And more...

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Episode 3

by Bec Miller (BScNutr.)