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by Bec Miller (BScNutr.)
Body Bites With Bec

How Kate Lost 10 Kgs by Ditching the Veggie Sticks, Eating MORE and Exercising LESS!


Kate Robinson was a busy Mumma, with two very young kids, stuck in a cycle of eating veggie sticks and smashing herself at the gym, to then eating more on the weekends - only to repeat it over and over again and never see results.

She just couldn’t shift that post pregnancy weight and was at a loss, feeling defeated, frustrated and stick… until she stumbled across a new approach… my 3 Week Body Reset, a low carb diet that changed her life for good.

Kate went from “trying it all” and feeling stuck, to slimming down fast (and keeping it off) with a new-found confidence for her partner and family, whilst feeling zero hunger.

In this extremely inspiring and relatable episode of Body Bites with Bec, we discuss:

  • The ground-breaking and life-changing lessons and realisations she had from the 3 Week Body Reset that she now continues to preach and follow
  • How Kate incorporates her low carb way of life into her family’s life
  • Why and how she prioritises time for herself and her health
  • The simple swaps she makes to turn her meals into low carb ones
  • Why she believes weight loss and optimal health improves the health of your relationship


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Episode 11

by Bec Miller (BScNutr.)