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by Robert Rickover
Body Learning: The Alexander Technique

Margaret Goldie's approach to Alexander Technique Inhibition


Penelope Easten, an Alexander Technique teacher in County Clare, Ireland, talks with Robert Rickover about why Miss Goldie viewed inhibition as primary to directing. She emphasized the importance of stopping as it allows a moment of true choice. Penelope also discusses how the autonomic system (which regulates safety, danger, life threat) fits with this view of inhibition. The video version of this interview: youtu.be/rgwQUfIi5Y8 Penelope’s book, “The Alexander Technique: 12 Fundamentals of Integrated Movement” is based on her work with Miss Goldie. Penelope’s website: AlexanderTechniqueInfo.org Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska, Toronto, Canada and online. Robert’s website: AlexanderTechniqueNebraska.com More general information about the Alexander Technique: AlexanderTechnique.com

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by Robert Rickover