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by Robert Rickover
Body Learning: The Alexander Technique

Margaret Goldie’s teaching, and how F M Alexander developed the Alexander Technique - Part 4


Penelope Easten, an Alexander Technique teacher in County Clare, Ireland, talks with Robert Rickover about working without hands or online, which we were always told was impossible. To do this, one needs to sidestep faulty sensory perception, and there are possible science explanations for this process. Penelope’s book, “The Alexander Technique: 12 Fundamentals of Integrated Movement” is based on her work with Miss Goldie. This podcast is taken from the original video: https://youtu.be/DHmkYTxR2pk Penelope’s website: AlexanderTechniqueInfo.org​ Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska, Toronto, Canada and online. Robert’s website: AlexanderTechniqueNebraska.com​ More general information about the Alexander Technique: AlexanderTechnique.com



by Robert Rickover