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Busting myths about refugees and Channel crossings, with Daniel Sohege


Crossing the Channel without preauthorisation is legal, the vast majority of people crossing are rightful asylum seekers and there is no such thing as the "first safe country" rule. Also, there is no queue to wait in or to jump, most people aren't trafficked or smuggled, and only a trickle of the world's refugees arrive in rich countries. Refugee rights consultant Daniel Sohege breaks down the false arguments about asylum seekers making the rounds in media and on Twitter.

Show notes
[00:00:22] Intro
[00:03:05] Is this a migrant crisis?
[00:06:01] Channel crossings are for many the only option. Still, very few take it.
[00:07:25] There just isn't a queue to jump to apply for asylum
[00:09:43] "First safe country" is a myth
[00:11:55] Arriving by boat without pre-authorisation is not illegal
[00:12:46] Most border crossings are not arranged by smugglers
[00:16:14] Hard border controls can feed smuggling and trafficking businesses
[00:19:47] Airlines and other carriers can be fined for unknowingly helping people carry out their legal right to seek asylum
[00:21:35] 98% of those people who cross the Channel seek asylum
[00:26:22] How French police harasses asylum seekers
[00:27:57] What do we prioritise: the border or human life?
[00:31:10] There are better ways to spend our countries' money than on draconian border controls
[00:33:08] What a better refugee system could look like
[00:36:11] Rich nations are not taking their fair share
[00:41:43] Outro

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