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Manifesto for a new nomadism, with Felix Marquardt


Movement is core to the human experience and to the emancipation of ambitious young people all over the world. Leaving home – really leaving – is the final step of one's education, says Felix Marquardt, author of The New Nomads. But globetrotters must leave another place – La La Land, the magical world where their privilege isolates them from the world as it really is for most of humanity. And just as important as the moment we leave, is the moment we come home.

For the first episode of the new season, a wide-ranging conversation about belonging, climate, addiction, the lessons of indigenous cultures and why we've been thinking about nomadism all wrong, with author and recovering "global schmoozer" Felix Marquardt.

00:15 Intro

02:07 Meet Felix Marquardt

03:37 Who are the New Nomads?

06:12 The two most important moments in one's life

08:37 The limits of digital nomadism

12:22 We've been thinking about nomadism all wrong

16:39 What indigenous cultures can teach us

18:41 (Ad) The genesis of Borderline

20:57 A civilization of addicts

27:13 How we resist despair

30:27 Leaving La La Land

38:51 Outro

📚 The New Nomads: How the Migration Revolution is Making the World a Better Place, by Felix Marquardt. Simon & Schuster UK. 2021. Buy it here.

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