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The US reopens to foreign visitors* (*terms and conditions apply), with Anna Lekas Miller


Travelers from 33 countries – nearly half the planet – were long barred from entry into the United States for pandemic reasons. They’ll be allowed in again from early November as long as they can prove they are fully vaccinated and provide a negative Covid-19 test. People who do not have access to the vaccine, however, can add one more item to the list of reasons why they may never set foot in the world’s richest country. Journalist Anna Lekas Miller discusses how the United States’ pandemic travel restrictions fit into the larger historical and political picture of American borders, from white supremacy to Biden's policies.

Show notes
00:00 Intro

01:47 How US travel restrictions are changing

05:53 Vaccination status will increasingly condition travel

11:22 Has the pandemic opened privileged immigrants' eyes?

16:47 White supremacy was enshrined in immigration law

21:01 Immigration enforcement targets racialized people

23:13 Membership ad

25:08 Has the Biden administration fundamentally changed the tone?

29:49 Kamala Harris's message to Latin America

32:44 Looking ahead

34:59 Outro

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