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by mayhem
Boss Battle: A Video Game Chat

Boss Battle 168: Another Extra Life


This week on Boss Battle 168, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Sorg (@sorgatron), Rizz (@theerizz) and DJ Lunchbox (@DjLunchbox). On this week's show: We have Bobby, Rizz, and LB coming off Extra Life 2015, discussing their gaming achievements. Vacation Chachi is (surprise, surprise) playing videogames during his time off. He's telling us what he's playing. 50 Games In 24 Hours has been achieved by Bobby during his Extra Life 2015 campaign. Bobby is taking us around the internet...net...net...net since Chachi is serving as Vacation Chachi this week. Nintendo announces first Nintendo Direct for November 12th at 5:00. Konami is working on a prosthetic for a Metal Gear Solid fan. Microsoft compiling backwards compatible games for XBox One. Overwatch is coming to a console near you! It's no longer PC exclusive! Activision Blizzard is going to Hollywood (sort of). They're getting into the movie and TV business, though! Chachi is sharing his amazement at the cast of voice characters for Call Of Duty characters. Final Battle Question: Have video game movies learned from past mistakes? Are they a good or bad idea? Remember to check out: Our Twitter @insertcointb and view our Website at insertcointobegin.com! Share your feelings with us via e-mail at insertcointobegin@gmail.com. Also, catch our shows live, we record every Tuesday around 8 PM EST at live.sorgatronmedia.com MP3 Download



by mayhem