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by mayhem
Boss Battle: A Video Game Chat

Boss Battle 171: Jiggle Physics


This week on Boss Battle 171, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Sorg (@sorgatron), and Rizz (@theerizz). On this week's show: We're discussing this week's gaming achievements and Chachi's life achievement of cooking his first turkey. It's time for Chachi to take us around the internet...net...net. Farming Simulator has its own controller. And, we almost want to try it. MarioKart + Disney XD. We're telling you all about it! Fallout 4/Skyrim connection found in an Easter egg. We're excited to see how much the DOA Beach Volleyball physics have increased the reason for teenage boys to game. Fez is getting a limited edition re-release this holiday season. Sony is winning this generation's Console War. Final Round Question: Has Sony learned from trailing XBox 360 to win this generation's Console War? Remember to check out: Our Twitter @insertcointb and view our Website at insertcointobegin.com! Share your feelings with us via e-mail at insertcointobegin@gmail.com. Also, catch our shows live, we record every Tuesday around 8 PM EST at live.sorgatronmedia.com MP3 Download



by mayhem