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Box Press

How the Mistress of Golf Lured Him to Cigars, Chris Moore, Carolina Blue


Sticks and sticks! Listen how to improve your golf game from the founder of Carolina Blue Cigars. It’s all course management and ball placement, explains Chris Moore to https://bovedainc.com/box-press-podcast/ (Box Press) Host Rob Gagner of https://bovedainc.com/tobacco/ (Boveda) at the 2021 Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas. 
Along with golf tips, learn:
How not to kill your palate smoking cigars
How to kill tobacco beetles without ruining your cigars
How to spot a fake Cuban
How Chris launched his North Carolina cigar company
Why you couldn't find Carolina Blue Cigars for awhile
Why Chris relaunched his cigar brand
In this Boveda cigar podcast, Rob and Chris are smoking the https://shopcarolinabluecigars.com/products/limitada-20pc-box (CBC Limitada).
Chris protects Carolina Blues with Boveda to preserve the sugars and oils of his boutique cigars. You can protect your cigars just like cigars makers, too. Preserve your passion with Boveda, makers of https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/boveda-for-tobacco (2-way humidity control for cigars), https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/boveda-for-tobacco (easy seasoning for wood humidors), https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/tobacco-accessories/products/tobacco-humidor-bags (humidor bags) and https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/tobacco-accessories/products/hygrometer-calibration (one-step hygrometer calibration kits). 
https://shopcarolinabluecigars.com/ (https://shopcarolinabluecigars.com/)
https://cigarsforwarriors.org/ (https://cigarsforwarriors.org/)
https://tobaccoplusexpo.com/ (https://tobaccoplusexpo.com/)


Episode 44

by Boveda Inc.