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My First Cigar—Why it Shouldn’t Be a Connecticut feat. Blackbird’s Jonas Santana


Shop for that first cigar with confidence. Cigar smoking friend or tobacconist suggesting a Connecticut wrapper? Learn what to ask for instead from Blackbird Cigar Company’s Jonas Santana. This rapper turned cigar maker joined https://bovedainc.com/tobacco/ (Boveda’s) Rob Gagner cigar podcast at 2021 Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas.
Find out why a Blackbird is the hot new cigar you gotta try. This new boutique cigar brand is the next wave of cigars born from those not born into a cigar empire. 
A cigar talk where you’ll learn:
What’s with these cigars named after birds in brightly colored cigar boxes (Crow, Finch, Cuco, etc.)
How to smoke Blackbird cigars in the right order (Perfect advice for a three-cigar-a-day smoker looking for progressive blends.) 
What famous cigar smoker to share a cigar with.
How to sharpen your skills beyond college, smart from someone who designed https://blackbirdcigar.com/product/cant-clip-my-wings-hat-black-blue/ (Can’t Clip My Wings) cigar swag.
Jonas protects Blackbird Cigars with Boveda to preserve the sugars and oils of his boutique cigars. You can protect your cigars just like cigars makers, too. Preserve your passion with Boveda, makers of https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/boveda-for-tobacco (2-way humidity control for cigars), https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/boveda-for-tobacco (easy seasoning for wood humidors), https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/tobacco-accessories/products/tobacco-humidor-bags (humidor bags) and https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/tobacco-accessories/products/hygrometer-calibration (one-step hygrometer calibration kits).


Episode 45

by Boveda Inc.