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Brains On! Science podcast for kids

The Mosties!


Raise a curtain. Cue the lights. It’s the most most-tacular night. It’s The Mosties! The Brains Brains On favorites, Bob, Gungador, Elevator and HARVEY have all made it out to celebrate superlatives.

The Mosties is an awards show of the extreme. Tonight’s categories include: Biggest Plant, Fastest Organism, Strongest Glue, Oldest Animal and Oldest Music. And don’t forget to stick around for a Mystery Mostie (aka Mystery Sound). And the winner is… ???

This is our last episode of this season but we’ll be back in August with more new episodes. Until then, Forever Ago is coming back June 1st and Smash Boom Best will be back July 7th. Remember, you can listen to Moment of Um every weekday too! Plus, the Brains On books are always around to keep you company -- you can buy them at brainson.org/books

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