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by Erin Whitehead
Braless Podcast

The Year of Perspective


Penis in the workplace, lessons of 2017 and some deep conversation with Phil Rood! Bring it on, 2018!

Host Erin Whitehead invites Phil Rood of Brokebot Mountain back to the podcast to discuss their new really cool collaboration (listen to hear more), what the big negatives and positives of 2017 were, and perspectives gained.

Internet justice, tragic weather, blue vs red in Alabama, #MeToo, letting go of toxic relationships and striving for equality. We get pretty deep in this episode. What have you learned in 2017? If you are a man who though co-workers wanted to see your junk, we hope this year taught you that no, no they don’t.

To hear more from Phil, check out his podcast Brokebot Mountain with Blazing Caribou Studios. You can also find him at twitter.com/philrood, instagram.com/philrood75 and facebook.com/philroodthatillustratorguy

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Episode 42

by Erin Whitehead