Broken Pokes

Broken Pokes, Episode 2


Download This week we talk about how Stankyvich loves Hamm’s Adjunct Lager, Nolan Ryan and Bush, Jr., Marcin Gortat beef, Dallas Mavericks, great NBA nicknames, old NBA draft picks, March Madness, NBA’s Coach of the Year, Carmelo Anthony Superstar, Phil Jackson and the Nets, Brien’s New Orleans adventure, Wayne Knight is dead, hoverboards, the Matty Minute, Dallas Cowboys, St. Patty’s Day, Texas Rangers pitching is still broke, booze in the UT stadium and stabbing your significant other for Jesus. Note: I messed up the hardware configuration before the recording and the resulting sound quality is atrocious. Listen at your own risk. Starring: ‘Dandy’ David Colby, Darius 'WASD’ Keel, Chris 'Yeti’ Scribner and Brien 'Ralph Malph’ Sublette. This week’s music: Days of the New “Dope Road”