Broken Pokes

Broken Pokes, Episode 3


Download This week we talk about how David’s bracket is broken, Brad Binder’s billion dollar bracket was slightly less broken, March Madness, WASD’s really into thoughtless corporations, the Broken Pokes go to a PDGA Championship match, why pro disc golfers split the league by gender, Texas Rangers and the Ian Kinsler Curse, our newest cast member revels in the Ranger’s pitching woes, NBA Playoffs, David gets objective, Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference, NBA finals predictions and the Apology of the Week. Starring: ‘Dandy’ David Colby, Darius 'WASD’ Keel, Chris 'Yeti’ Scribner, Matt 'Matapropisms aka Sihaira Nevada aka Church of Matter Day Saints aka Matty Greenspan’ Smith and Brien 'Ralph Malph’ Sublette. Also, special guest: Matt’s arm-wrestling, pina colada-drinking, food service-working, morning push up-doing neighbors. This week’s music: Big Shug “Mo’ Fucka feat. Hamm’s Adjunct Lager” and Kool A.D. “Manny Pacquiao”