Broken Pokes

Broken Pokes, Episode 7


Download This week: What everyone’s drinking, the Pokes run into some libertarians, Slim Shady vs Marshall Mathers vs Eminem, ACL, sandwiches, Prince finds his pauper, the Tom Waits, Darvish as Maddux, breaking down the Mav’s and Spur’s first playoff game, questions from Our First Listener, Johnny Manziel picks 6, Romo is a bum, Things That We Care About™, Pop and Noah get that gold, state of the NBA playoffs and predictions, Derrick Rose Rises Again, Death and Taxes, NFL players are wack, the Niners are taking a different approach to being the 90’s Cowboys, Dandy’s Fireside Chat, Broken Pokes are missing podcasters and the Apology of the Week. Starring: ‘Dandy’ David Colby, Darius ‘WASD’ Keel, Chris ‘Yeti’ Scribner, and Brien ‘Ralph Malph’ Sublette. This week’s music: gmcfosho “i Ōne dis game” Special thanks to Amanda DiDonato for the drawing. Questions or comments for the show: