Broken Pokes

Broken Pokes, Episode 9


Download Words can’t even describe. Ralph Malph looks at porn live, the UT suicide, what everyone’s drinking, ACL, Booze on the Green, Texas Rangers are the best/worst, E.T., Shaq Fu, Kazaam, Dallas Mavericks are done, Carlisle vs Pop, Coach of the Year, NBA playoff predictions, Dandy’s Fireside Chat, and two Apologies of the Week. Listen at your own risk. Starring: ‘Dandy’ David Colby, Darius ‘WASD’ Keel, Chris ‘Yeti’ Scribner, Matt ‘Mattmetician’ Smith and Brien ‘Ralph Malph’ Sublette. Music this week: Action Bronson “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” Questions or comments for the show: