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by Des Pfiefer
Brunch with Desb Podcast

AM I GEN Z? THE DUMB FRIEND? / take quizzes with me! (Ep. 63)


Have you secretly missed taking online quizzes? Do you know what your favorite food says about you? Today's episode is a bit different but one I think you'll enjoy. I have a few quizzes I want to take live and share the questions and experience with you. So relax, grab a drink, and let's have some fun!

Time Stamps:

(0:20) B Stands for Boy Who Won’t Sleep

(2:30) Updates

(3:10) Better Help

(7:15) Quizzes in High School

(7:50) Food Quiz

(11:10) 90’s Quiz

(17:45) Another Food Quiz

(19:55) Gen Z Quiz

(27:30) Phone Quiz

(29:10) 2021 Songs

(31:00) Are You the Dumb Friend?

(39:54) Show Notes

Quizzes I took:









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by Des Pfiefer