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by Des Pfiefer
Brunch with Desb Podcast

BECOMING MILLIONAIRES / Investing, Real Estate, and More FT. Wyatt (Ep. 43)


2021 is officially HERE! There is no time like the present to either start or grow that money along with that ass so today, my husband Wyatt and I will be answering your questions when it comes to money, investing, credit cards, and all the like. We also want to talk about how we grew up around money and how that both affects how we looked at money and how we've matured to where we are now.

Time Stamps:

(0:00) New Podcast Announcement!

(2:03) B Stands for Billionaire

(5:05) Our Starting Money Mindset

(14:17) Getting Started Investing

(18:02) BiggerPockets.com

(20:05) Roth IRA Advantages

(23:08) Rich Dad Poor Dad

(31:18) Starting Credit Card

(33:17) Nerd Wallet

(36:01) First Time Home Buyers

(38:53) Mint

(41:41) Side Hustles

(51:36) Student Loan Debt

(54:20) Shit to Look Up!

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by Des Pfiefer