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by Des Pfiefer
Brunch with Desb Podcast

GRINDR AND MANIFESTATION / Meet Bestie Tran Truong (Ep. 60)


You guys are gonna fall in love with my guest today! We've been internet bff's for awhile and this is the first time we've had a long form conversation and we both had a great time! My friend Tran is both a proud Asian American and gay man and his story and journey with his family, himself, and the world is definitely worth the listen this Sunday!

Time Stamps:

(0:17) B Stands For Boys Who Like Boys

(2:15) Patreon Group

(6:31) Who is Tran?

(10:28) Growing Up as an Asian American

(13:22) Coming Out and Defining Moment

(17:15) Being the Only Gay Son

(28:24) More on Growing Up as an Asian American

(38:45) Where We Met

(43:38) Dating

(51:56) Summer and Bringing It

(54:04) Where to Find Tran

(56:52) Next Week’s Episode

Trans sexy IG: https://instagram.com/tranxtruong?igshid=b289t8kab3y2

hang with Tran: https://linktr.ee/tranxtruong

his podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/girls-the-gays-podcast/id1539074154

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by Des Pfiefer