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by CaraGreen
Build Green Live Green

BGLG Episode 62- Materials Transparency & Occupant Health


On episode 62 of Build Green Live Green, CaraGreen's podcast our President Jessica McNaughton sits down with Kamila Edwards to discuss materials transparency and occupant health within a building. From greenwashing to authentically green materials, we talk about the benefits of HPD's, declaration labels, wellness certifications, Well and FitWel programs, and so much more. From Gensler to Prescriptive Data and Nantum Software, Kamila is an expert on LEED design with a focus on HVAC and Reset Air Quality. Listen in as we talk about the benefits of Biophilic Design and highlight products such as PaperStone, Durat, GEOS, Lapitec, and Organoid.



by CaraGreen