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Building the Open Metaverse

Bilawal Sidhu, A Mind Living At the Intersection of Bits & Atoms

Building the Open Metaverse
Building the Open Metaverse

Bilawal Sidhu joins the podcast to discuss his background in emerging tech and experiences working at Google. Sidhu became interested in mixed realities at a young age when he saw visual effects being used to blend the physical and digital worlds in movies. This inspired him to learn 3D animation and visual effects software.

Later, Sidhu studied computer science and business at USC while continuing to flex his creative muscles. At Google, he worked on VR media, digital twins like Google Earth, and consumer products like Immersive View in Google Maps.

Sidhu shares lessons on embracing new platforms as a creator and finding viral content market fit. He recommends creators use AI to augment their skills rather than replace them. On ethical AI, he suggests regulating different models differently instead of blanket policies.

For mainstream AR/VR adoption, Sidhu points to the need for more headset install base. He's excited about spatial computing enhanced by natural language interactions courtesy of generative AI. Sidhu wants an all-in-one creative tool combining video, 3D and collaboration. He shouts out colleagues who supported his vision and his parents who enabled his creative pursuits.


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Building the Open Metaverse is a podcast hosted by Patrick Cozzi (Cesium) and Marc Petit (Epic Games) that invites a broad range of technical experts to share their insights on how the community is building the metaverse together.

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Building the Open Metaverse
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