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by Carmen Wilde
Business without Barriers! Season 2: Game Changer

Revolutionary Solution BOOSTS ONLINE SALES Using Retail Space! Founders Soko District, Ricardo Rocha & Hanre Truter


SOKO District is revolutionising retail through a dual digital presence & dynamic space solution, propelling online brands and sales to new heights. Founders Ricardo Rocha & Hanre Truter have set out to fix what’s broken and dramatically lift the future face of retail. They explain how commoditisation, making it about product and price removes customer connection, which is why so many brands are moving off large platforms like Amazon to stand out from the crowd. SOKO District is elevating online brands that started out on websites like Shopify and Wix. This is a fresh format for retail that is transformative and scalable.

The concept is well aligned with the new challenges retailers face with intermittent lockdowns. Moving into the SOKO District allows retailers to curb lockdown blues and continue to remain connected with their communities and having a physical space has proven to boost online sales. SOKO is putting the “small guy” on the map, with a turnkey solution that provides exposure and benefits of the “big boys” without the hassle factor and costs and empowers retailers to compete on a global stage alongside the big conglomerate.

Ricardo shares the magic behind what they do and what keeps business buoyant when unusual circumstances threaten to derail you. Hanre and Ricardo believe that we have to elevate the quality of products we are selling with more consideration to the environmental impacts they have on the earth, and that we can become a better species. The SOKO District is out to solve a global problem and they need partners to help them. They’ve already positively impacted the retail sector, fasten your retail belts, the journeys only just begun!

Connect with Ricardo Rocha & Hanre Truter

Website: https://www.sokodistrict.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ricardo-rocha-74164634
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hanré-truter-07a6142a

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Episode 12

by Carmen Wilde