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by Carmen Wilde
Business without Barriers! Season 2: Game Changer

Why Your Business’ Success Is NOT About YOU. Dr Richard Kaye, Business Acceleration Strategist


Dr Richard Kaye explains the secret sauce and ‘departure from the norm’ that bridges gaps between where you are and where you want to be and why ‘me-me’ business models are less likely to succeed in times of chaos and disruption. Richard shows how important it is to recognize whether you’re an internal or external person and the future fantastic that awaits when we get out of our own way! In this enriching conversation, descriptors like ‘soul connection,’ ‘love conquers’ all & ‘sudden states of ecstasy’ are proof of what business can become in a space of abundance. This is what CEO Space is all about and the countless success stories are testament to what’s possible when the first question you ask at a networking event is: “How can I serve you?” Connection, co-operation, and collaboration has been shown to transform scarcity into abundance and is fast becoming the game changer difference enabling acceleration of lasting business success.

Your Free Gift: Access the first half hour of ‘The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation’ at this link, http://richardkaye.com/negotiate-free

Episode Themes

The Game Changer
Internal vs External Person
Baggage as Fuel
Serving Others
A Co-Pilot
Networking on Steroids
Sudden States of Ecstasy
Soul-to-Soul Connection
Awakened To What’s Possible
Love Conquers All
Control is Scarcity
Allow Expansion
Don't Judge
Your Free Gift

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/richard-kaye-43523015
Website: ceospaceamerica.com/  
Website: http://www.richardkaye.com/index.html

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Episode 6

by Carmen Wilde